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Before You Select an Agent

The step-by-step guide to selling your home in Nottingham

At Comfort Estates we understand that there aren’t many more monumental life decisions than choosing to sell your home. But don’t fear, we’re Nottingham’s local property experts here to make it a simple and enjoyable process. So, whether you're seeking more space, a garden retreat, or a city escape, our step-by-step guide will navigate you through the process of selling your home in Nottingham.

Market Appraisal

You may want to begin by getting a rough idea of your property's estimated value. Utilise our instant valuation tool by entering your postcode to get an immediate estimate. However, be aware that online tools only hold a limited amount of information (for example, it won’t know what improvements you’ve made to your home since you bought it). The most accurate appraisal of your property will always come through an in person valuation with one of our local Nottingham property experts.

An in-person valuation allows for a comprehensive assessment of your property's condition and surroundings. Our Comfort Estates experts will also spend time discussing your home and your selling ambitions in detail- all aiding in setting the right asking price.

Remember, it’s never too early to invite a local expert to view your property- they will be able to provide valuable insights on the best steps to market, so engage them as early as possible to ensure a stress free process!

Review Your Mortgage Documents

Contact your mortgage lender or broker to explore your borrowing options before you go to market. Keep in mind there could be fees associated with ending your current mortgage deal early. You might be able to consider the portability of your mortgage product for a seamless transition to a new property.

Secure a Solicitor

Engage a solicitor early in the process to oversee the legal aspects of the sale. This will ensure there are no hold ups later on. Obtain referrals from your estate agent or seek recommendations from trusted sources familiar with Nottingham's property market.

Select the Right Estate Agent

Choose a reputable estate agent to guide you through the selling process. Some things you might want to consider when choosing an agent:

  • Online reviews and references from past clients
  • Technology used to support the sales process
  • Membership of an industry body, such as The National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) and a redress scheme, such as The Property Ombudsman
  • Marketing strategy, including what portals they will advertise on and what’s included in their marketing package (eg floorplans, professional photos, 3d tours, drone videography)
  • Social media presence
  • Availability (when can you expect for viewings to take place and them to be contactable?)
  • Local knowledge and expertise
  • How many buyers they have looking for properties like yours
  • Personal connection (don’t overlook this one- it’s important you feel confident working with an agent who listens and understands your needs and concerns, and who ultimately facilitate a successful transaction).

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Getting Market Ready

Determine the Asking Price

Once you’ve chosen your agent it’s time to agree a price to go to market with.

Our team of experts will help to establish the best asking price based on recent sales data and market trends in Nottingham, plus all the information we have gathered at your valuation about your specific set of circumstances.

Hannah Leigh, our branch manager says “Pricing shapes the market’s perception of your property. Our local experts will advise on the best possible price for your property to get you sold in the timescales you need. Beware of over valuations. Overpricing can signal to potential buyers that the seller is not serious about selling or may be unrealistic, which can deter serious inquiries. Conversely, a realistically priced property communicates transparency and credibility, fostering trust between the seller and potential buyers from the outset.”

Prepare Your Property

Maximise the appeal of your home by tidying up and crafting a warm ambiance to gain the interest of potential buyers. We’ll be able to provide some simple tips on how to do just that at your valuation, and can even offer a dedicated in house maintenance team to help with your pre-sale DIY.

Photography and Marketing

Professional photography and engaging marketing materials will help to capture and convey the essence of your home. High-quality images and videos, 3D tours and compelling descriptions can significantly enhance your property's online presence and attract more potential buyers.

Our team at Comfort Estates specialises in creating visually appealing listings that highlight the unique features and selling points of your property. From stunning photos to captivating virtual tours and social media content, we'll ensure your home stands out in the competitive market, maximising its exposure and appeal to prospective buyers.

Verify Your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Ensure your property has a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to provide essential information on energy efficiency. Obtain a new certificate if required, or ask your agent to help arrange this for you.

You can check here if your certificate is still valid in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

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On the Market

Viewings and Feedback

Ensure your home is presented in its best light, decluttered, and clean for viewings. You may wish to consider staging key areas to help buyers envision themselves living in the space, for example, you may wish to explore the option of arranging a dedicated workspace to show the flexibility of remote working in your property. Your Comfort Estates agent will coordinate and conduct these viewings, providing valuable feedback and insights from prospective buyers to aid in refining your selling strategy.

Hannah Leigh advises, “At Comfort Estates, we prioritise efficiency and transparency throughout the buying and selling process. When it comes to viewings, our approach is no exception. With our cutting-edge technology, including our vendor app, we've streamlined the viewing experience for sellers. You can now manage all your upcoming viewings effortlessly in one place. Simply accept or reject them with a single click. Plus, you'll receive real-time feedback from viewings, ensuring you're always in the loop without any delays in communication”

Reviewing Offers

Carefully evaluate offers received from potential buyers, considering not only the proposed price but also whether the buyer is in a proceedable position, and any conditions or contingencies attached. Your dedicated Comfort Estates agent will assist you in navigating through these offers, providing insights and guidance to help you make informed decisions that align with your selling goals.

Protect your Property from Fraud

Simple steps you can take to protect your property from criminals



Stay Informed on Sale Progression

Remain proactive in the sale process by staying updated on its progression. Maintaining clear communication channels with all involved parties ensures a smooth transaction, ultimately leading to a successful sale. At Comfort Estates we offer every client a dedicated sales progressor who will hold your hand through each step of this process.

Exchange Contracts

Once both parties agree, contracts are exchanged, legally binding the sale. Prepare for associated costs and complete necessary documentation from your solicitors to finalise ownership transfer.

Prepare for Moving Out

Plan your move-out logistics, including arranging your moving company, cancelling home insurance and settling utility accounts, leveraging the time between exchange and completion for a seamless move.

Completion and Moving Day

On completion day, funds transfer, and ownership transfer occurs. Vacate the property, and we’ll hand over keys to your buyer as per agreement, concluding your successful property sale journey in Nottingham.

Navigate the selling process with confidence using our comprehensive guide tailored to the Nottingham property market. Comfort Estates is here to support you at every step of your property selling journey in Nottingham.

Top 5 tips for moving day!

  • Plan Ahead
  • Protect Fragile Items
  • Label Boxes Clearly
  • Communicate with Movers
  • Double-Check Everything